Collaborative Divorce

Another option for resolving family law disputes is through Collaborative Divorce. In this process, each client has an attorney, and there are often two neutral professionals who assist in gathering information and developing options. Generally, clients are able to work with these neutrals to discuss parenting issues, gather financial information, develop budgets, and consider ways to divide their assets and debts. As much of this can be done without their attorneys present, this tends to save clients the cost of court or attorney fees in the long run. Once both attorneys have reviewed and discussed all information gathered with their clients, both sides are present for option development, evaluation, and final decision making process.

In this way, the Collaborative Divorce Process offers clients a unique method of looking at ways to restructure their family, their estate, and their liabilities. Most clients who resolve their divorce through this process finish their case with significantly less animosity than those who resolve their dispute through the litigation/adversarial court process.

As only attorneys are qualified to provide legal advice, LRT, Inc. suggests that both parties include an attorney to file a mediated settlement agreement before finalizing a divorce. The organizations below have attorneys as members who will walk along side of you to determine how to work to settle and file any agreements made during mediation (click on either logo for more information):

Collaborative Divorce Texas

Denton County Collaborative Professionals


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