Conflict Resolution and Parallel Parenting Program

Everything you do today will affect your child’s tomorrow.

Parallel parenting is a tool to help reduce conflict and keep parents involved with their children. The stress of parental separation can be a strong indicator of everything from poor grades to antisocial behavior in children. By reducing the conflict between you, your child is able to love and spend time with each parent without feeling guilty, responsible, or in trouble.

Goals & Objectives

The main objective of the program is to help parents in conflict become more mindful of their children's needs. They learn to be respectful, supportive, and cooperative in their co-parenting relationship in order to create a new family structure that is loving and nurturing. During our weekly sessions, parents learn to:

Lessen their conflict, reduce anger, and implement problem-solving skills.

Find common ground on their differences by improving communication.

Reduce tension and stress.

Work cooperatively to keep their children out of their conflict.

Format & Program Guidelines

This program runs once a week for 12 weeks at the offices of LRT, Inc. (contact us to find out when the next 12 weeks begins). Each weekly sesssion runs for 2 hours, either on weeknights from 6 PM - 8 PM or Saturdays from 10 AM to noon. The sessions include:

Two individual sessions with parents
Three “Women-only” groups
Three “Men-only” groups
Four Mixed gender groups

Missed Sessions

New sessions begin every 12 weeks. Anyone registering after Session 3 will need to wait until the following 12 week rotation to start. 

As this program is specifically designed to teach parallel parenting skills, no parent may attend more than the first three sessions without their partner. Should a parent miss a session, they are required to reschedule the and meet individually with the group facilitator in order to continue with the program.

Note: For court mandated participants, completion of the program is mandatory. Your attendance and participation must be documented and reported to your assigned judge. Failure to abide by the attendance & rescheduling rules will mandate reinrollment for the next 12-week course.

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