Family Therapy

Families can be torn apart by illness, divorce or other problems that create conflict and stress. Family therapy can help families identify and resolve problems.

At LRT, Inc., we help families to see each other in a different light so they may heal emotional wounds, come to understand one another better, and restore the harmony that your family once shared.  Your family can be your greatest source of support, comfort and love, but it can also be your greatest source of pain and grief. When a health crisis, mental illness, work problems or teenage rebellion threatens to tear your family apart, starting therapy can be one of the best ways to come together again. 

Family therapy can help your family patch strained relationships, learn new coping skills, and improve how you work together. Whether it's you, your partner, a child or even a sibling or parent who's in crisis, family therapy can help all of you communicate better and learn to get along.

Family therapy is often short term. Sessions are typically scheduled once a week for three to five months, but some families may require more time or structure to work through their issues (see our Conflict Resolution and Parallel Parenting Program for details).

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