Parent Facilitation

As parent facilitators, LRT, Inc. acts as a court appointed neutral third party for high conflict families in order to refocus parents on their children’s emotional needs. Generally, the facilitator meets with parents (both jointly and individually), and children (with or without the parents), but also can make home visits, review reports and written information, and consult with others involved with the family. After full review, the facilitator reports back to the courts as to each parent’s progress and contributions.

Despite being court ordered, we at LRT, Inc. find that parents who truly commit to this process have far less difficulty than those who simply use litigation to handle their disputes. Most parents:

  • Reduce arguing, scolding and yelling
  • Feel more positive about their parenting skills
  • Create more time for themselves
  • Listen more effectively to their partner and children
  • Promote agreement with their family members more easily than before

Children find that their parents are able to more effectively:

  • Encourage them to take initiative and be responsible
  • Enhance high self-esteem
  • Help them develop good decision making skills
  • Encourage healthy connections to other children while resisting peer pressure
  • Help children deal with their own emotions
  • Act as a role model for how the child deals with their future relatioship conflicts

If you have not been court appointed for parent faciliation, but still would like help with parenting skills, consider family therapy with us instead.

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